Can't cast String [] to a boolean

Hi, I am migrating one large app from cold Fusion to Lucee, there are bellow lines working fine in CF but in Lucee they are throwing error : Can’t cast String [ ] to a boolean.

<CFIF DisplaySettings.Display_Actual_Client_Sec OR DisplaySettings.Display_Actual_Client_System OR DisplaySettings.Display_Actual_Client_OS_SP OR DisplaySettings.Display_Actual_Client_CPU >

All these strings in cfif tag are empty.
Please help me resolve this issue.

What you get if you add this above that line?

<cfdump var="#DisplaySettings#" abort="true">

@mpraveen.core, could you please check what is the value of Displaysettings in both CF and Lucee? Because cfif works as same on both lucee and ACF for the value has an empty string.

DisplaySettings is empty.
Thanks for the reply. Issue resolved as it was the problem with database.

Yes you are right, thank you. My ACF and Lucee server both were pointing to different databases to the values were different. Issue resolved.