Can't add mapping sign / in Lucee server admin

Hi, strange problem, I can’t add a mapping sign / in Lucee server admin locally or remote with chrome and edge.
With these browsers on another page of the website I can use the mapping sign /.

In internet explorer it works!


We have run into the same issue after upgrading to and If we downgrade to we are able to add the mapping sign / using Chrome or Firefox. Good to know that if we use IE that we could work around the issue, however. Thanks!

That is probably a JavaScript bug then. Can you please open a ticket in JIRA?

Yes, done right now

Hi guys, there is already a ticket for this and it is already fixed:

However, it seems that it was only fixed in 5.3 which I would not have expected.

You mean 5.3?

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Yes, thx. Reply edited.