Can't access site, but get lucee welcome page instead

Hey there, abit at a loss. Ive installed Lucee a few times and it’s always worked right out tof the gate. However this install is a bit different and I’m trying to add the handler for a single iis virtual site.

Windows 10
IIS 8/10

IIS is installed
the site is added - app pool .net4
I install lucee 5.2, w/o the connector
run connector install the only change from default is checking app pool member access
Select my site

All goes smoothly, however when i navigate to the local url, all i get is the lucee welcome page. If i stop the site, i get the generic iis splash, if i stop lucee i get the generic connection issue.

So it appears tomcat is serving the page from a different “root”. Why is it not respecting the IIS webroot? If I add a host entry to the server.xml i can get the site, however things like virtual directories aren’t respected. Do i just set up all the host stuff in the server.xml? instead of using an iis virtual directory, should i just be using a mapping in lucee server/web admin

Are you saying that your site is working now that you’ve added the server.xml host entry but it’s just that IIS virtual directories aren’t recognized? Lucee/Tomcat doesn’t know about those. Use mappings in Lucee (best defined in your Application.cfc).

Check if you have a ‘default website’ running in IIS if yes then stop the site.
Hope that helps.

yes the site was working, just not seeing iis mappings. But as you said Lucee won’t see those. It was more my ignorance that IIS is just a pass through.

And the default site was also a great catch!!!

Thx guys!