Cannot deploy lucee WAR to tomcat

I have no problem to deploy, and WAR to tomcat (both 8.5 and 9) by the same way

after I deploy, there’s no lucee and lucee-server folders in WEB-INF folder like other versions.


I noticed the WAR file size is SMALLER than others… is that why?


thank you

Yes. It 63 doesn’t work.

See bug report:

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Possibly related to

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Hi @Allen_Weng,

Now, Lucee- with tomcat-9 deployed successfull & lucee running fine for me.

In WEB-INF folder have contain lucee and lucee-server folders as usually.


Please download the latest WAR file from here


Unless I miss something… I download the latest WAR file you mentioned and it is same size and MD5 as the one I downloaded yesterday. I try again and it still fails…


The lucee.jar file in that WAR is the problem.

I manually replace it (use 7-zip) with the lucee (with extensions) and now I can deploy


file sizes:

Problem solved.
for details see my comment here: