Can we give it a name?

Can we please give the language that .lucee files will be written in a name?

“Lucee” is no good as it refers to the platform as a whole, and also encompasses Lucee’s CFML implementation, so is no use for the purposes of disambiguation.

I don’t think “Lucee dialect” makes much sense as it tightly couples .lucee to CFML (ie: “dialect of what?”), and I thought one of the rationales behind .lucee was to decouple from CFML.

It also tightly couples the language name to the LAS, which is going to be awkward if .lucee gets traction and other people want to fork it… we don’t really want a name tightly-coupled to an organisation.

Considerations should be made to googleability, no collisions with existing common-place technology (like “lucene”), file extensions, namespace prefixes ([cough]) etc when coming up with ideas.


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+1 Lucee lang

Good idea. Coldfusion is such an appropriate name because it provides so much power in integrating disparate systems (java, com, .Net for acf, databases, etc) in such a common and simple way… Also their server was named after the language, not the other way around.

So we need something that emphasizes it’s strengths without pulling an IBM-esque “it’s a better coldfusion than coldfusion” (even though that’s pretty much what it is).

Having said that, I’m terrible at naming things, but here is some brainstorming:

Lift (has some catchy marketing potential I think)
Tango (2 dialects? Meh it’s a stretch)

Whilst I couldn’t find FusionML in use, there are several things called Fusion Script (in both the PHP and Python worlds at least). Personally, I’d want something that did not hark back to the ColdFusion name.

There’s a Light Script Engine for driving C# stuff.

There is a well-established and widely used web framework called Lift already (Scala).

The only software reference I could find was a cross-platform open source library for the D programming language, but Googling for Tango language mostly brings up dance-related stuff and the concept that Tango (the dance) is a “language” with terminology etc.

Whatever name the language gets should be something for which Google returns this project as one of the top hits so any term that is already well-established – and especially anything that established in the software world – should be avoided.

Right now, Googling for Lucee or Lucee language unambiguously turn up this project so it’s a nice, unique name with a great Google footprint.

My vote would be for simply referring to the language consistently as “Lucee language” or “LuceeLang” for short (Googling for the latter turns up links into this language forum so that’s fine).

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Dialect in this context is a dialect of the server not of CFML. So both the CFML dialect and Lucee Language dialect are very similar in their internals but expressed differently in each dialect. Ok, so its a bastardised definition of linguistic dialects but I can’t think of a better description.

In truth we should just be talking about CFML compatibility and Lucee Language. The talk of dialects is just an internal community distinction, that will hopefully fall in a well over time.

I’m not sure why it would be forked, but I certainly don’t think its disadvantageous to force people to think of Lucee server when they play with Lucee Language. Perhaps, I just don’t understand your reference here.

Lucee already tops Google search results in almost every context. Like it or hate it, looks like Lucee was a great name choice for cut through in a very difficult SEO space.

:thumbsup: Lucee Language or the short hand “Lucee Lang”


Sounds good to me.


Maybe we should rethink this “dialect” thing completely, this is also the technical approach inside the core, but in the communication we should keep it as simple as possible. So Lucee is the language, but we have a compatibility level to CFML when you use this extension.

So Lucee language with support for cfml.
In the old days I did a lot of asp programming and inside asp you could do vbscript and jscript.
So asp was not really a language, only a platform.

So Lucee the language and platform also supports to do CFML, that’s it.


will there be a file extension like .lucee or .lc
for the new dialect (and old cfml??)

and .cfm / .cfc of ACF compatible CFML

That’s what they’ve said, yes. Seems to be .lucee most everywhere I’ve read (although the slides at the dev.Objective() general session seemed to have .lc on them?).

Lucee Goosee