Can Railo and Lucee co-exist on a Windows 7 computer?

I’m a bit reluctant to in-install Railo and then install Lucee, hence, I wonder if they can co-exist on a Windows 7 computer.

Thanks in advance.

They can. Just use CommandBox to start them both. No installation needed.

box start cfengine=lucee
box start cfengine=railo

Brad, since I have Railo installed already, I’d like to leave it alone. So, it seems CommandBox is a service setup/configuration tool. What’s the authentic URL for download CommandBox for Windows 7?


CommandBox is a CLI, REPL, package manager, scaffolding tool, and server for CFML developers. You can download it here:

Here’s the docs on using it to start CFML servers

Thanks Brad.

I’ve installed the latest version of Lucee. The installer seems ok with some minor errors, it would be desirable to ensure Tomcat web server is able to start (in my case it failed to launch, the default web port 8888 was available on my computer). Anyway, I kicked it off manually. I appreciate all the work.