Can not read image Error


The code:

<cfset theSource="">

<cfimage name = "theImage" source = "#theSource#" action = "read">

 <cfimage action = "writeToBrowser" source = "#theSource#" format = "jpg">

Gives a “can not read in image” error. See:

Lucee version:

The image does exist and om my local machine the code works fine.

What is the problem?


Dick Goosen

is that server a headless linux box?

Headless I don’t know, but it is Linux. The code works on my local Mac (Lucee


try installing fonts as per

Hi Zac, does this apply for image reading as well? The only thing we do is grabbing a font with cfimage, cffile or imageRead and thumb it and write it to a directory. Mostly it does work. But this specific image and some others do not work.


It might be a CMYK image, that’s a different problem. I think that’s already fixed in more recent versions.

Can you try the latest snapshot?

Hi locally I work with Lucee and it works. On the server we work with more recent versions and there it doesn’t. What do you mean by snapshot?

Snapshots are the in progress versions of lucee between releases, you can try them out via the server admin updater page (click snapshots)

If you can reproduce the problem with the latest snapshot, it means it hasn’t been fixed and you probably should file a bug with the sample image causing the problem with a stacktrace.

Hi Zac,

Did some extra research on my local machine and compared

<cfimage action="info" source="" structname="infoImage" />


<cfimage action="info" source="" structname="infoImage" />

The info shows that the first one is definitely strange and not a normal jpg image, the second one is a thumbed Lucee version and shows a “normal” jpg image. Can Wordpress make strange thumbnails or image conversions? However the browser (in this case Chrome does show the image). I have screenshots if you like. But I can’t seem to find the possibility to attach images in this forum.


It could be a “normal” image, but there is a lot more info available. Perhaps there is some info why on the server it does not work.