Cache connections edit issue

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Have upgraded to version running on centos and 9.0.73 tomcat and have an issue when we go to edit one of our memcache configs. The ‘verify’ option says it is contactable and working find and our apps appear in principle to be working fine but we cannot edit it in the lucee server admin.

This was working find prior to our upgrade, just wondering if there are any ideas, not seeing any other reports of this.

Message java.lang.NullPointerException
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
/admin/services.cache.create.cfm: line 14
called from /admin/services.cache.cfm: line 41
called from /admin/web.cfm: line 505
called from /admin/server.cfm: line 2

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Wondering if it is to do with this update - [LDEV-4338] - Lucee

@lfortnam I’ve created a ticket for this issue in Jira [LDEV-4422] - Lucee

Memcached cache is not support cacheCount() BIF function. So, cacheCount() in the cache edit page throws this error.