C++ cfx tags - lucee no longer available

Windows 2016

Our application makes use of the ancient c++ cfx tag openimage (http://www.kolumbus.fi/jukka.manner/cfx_openimage/)

When we updated to the latest stable build , the c++ cfx tag has been removed from the lucee instance and we get an error

"there is no Custom Tag (CFX) with name [openimage], available Custom Tags are [helloworld] "

I know that c++ tags are not supported but they have continued to work over the years for our application. We have to add the jar com.naryx.tagfusion.cfx.jar to our instances in recent updates where it went missing and register the cfx using the url parameter enable=cfxcpp

Safe to say now that c++ cfx tags will not work at all and should not be used at all period or is there another undocumented way to register the c++ cfx tags within lucee?

C++ cfx tags were removed completely in according to https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-1654

Thank you @Yamaha32088 . It was a matter of time I know but I appreciate you pointing out the version where support was deprecated.

which functionality from CFX_OPENIMAGE are you using which isn’t available in lucee?

Our application processes large volumes of images and so when we tested resizeing and resulting image quality and file size, open image performed best for our requirements. Some added functionality I like about open image was that it could perform multiple resize operations on a single image within a single thread

You could use cfexecute to run a script or command from image magick.

CFX_OpenImage uses GraphicsMagick, but you can install it yourself and then use CFExecute or use an existing CFTag or CFC.
{NOTE: I can’t find the link to the CFC script that someone else wrote.}

BTW, I’m still hoping that CFX support will come back because CFX_HTTP5 & CFX_Exec offer Windows features that Java doesn’t support (Honoring DNS TTL, setting the user for a command)