Bundle extension

I have added the possibility to bundle osgi bundles and Lucee extensions with the Lucee.jar (simply add them to /extensions or /bundles inside the lucee.jar).

In my opinion we need to bundle some extension with Lucee, I was thinking about:

  • MySQ
  • mssql
  • postgres
  • h2

All the available extensions are listed here:

What do you thinking we should pre install?

Please have in mind that jdbc drivers only get loaded when used even they are installed.


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@micstriit - Can you provide a list for us to pick from?

It would be useful to know what features are in bundles rather than core.

I’d definitely say some DB drivers should be part of the base install. Curious as to why you picked H2? I’d lean toward SQLite and/or Derby before H2. But I agree on the other three.

h2 is an existing extension, sqlLite or derby are not.

on the download page you can find all extensions we have so far

for the moment i will bundle the extension that are needed for ACF compatibility like hibernate or lucene and mysql,postgre and mssl.

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