Build war that doesn't use OSGI

We are trying to get a ColdFusion application working for our customer. It was originally written by another company but we have since had the code given to us and asked to make it work in our environment. We do not use Tomcat. We use Weblogic. We were able to get ColdFusion 2023 to work on Weblogic and get the application to run. The price tag is high for ColdFusion so we wanted to try Lucee. Weblogic supports OSGI but their documentation is not great so we have been unable to deploy the Lucee war to our Weblogic server. We have an SR open with Oracle to try to figure out what the problem is. In the meantime, we were able to deploy the Lucee war on our Weblogic server and get the customer application to run. While we wait to see if Oracle will ever get back to us with a solution, we’d like to know if there is a way to build a war file for without it needing OSGI. We looked at the git repository debug branch but that doesn’t appear to have been updated in nine years so that may not be what we need. We followed this document (Building Lucee 5 & 6 from source :: Lucee Documentation) and were able to build a new lucee.jar file but we can’t use any kind of automated deployment actions because our servers have restricted access. We did try just replacing the lucee.jar on the server with the one we built but that didn’t work and threw errors. Is there any way for us to build a Lucee war that doesn’t require OSGI to deploy?

Sounds like you could use a consulting service such as @carehart , or ortus or @cfmitrah

Thanks for the shout out, Terry. I will say I saw marcantony’s question here yesterday and opted not to step in, as I have not deployed Lucee onto WLS (I have in the past deployed CF’s WAR onto it). As for docs on deploying an OSGI-based app/WAR on WLS, it is indeed documented, but again I’d not done it nor knew of the challenges marcantony may have faced.

Then, too, I’d never seen anyone else ask for this combination, so I figured I’d leave this here for any who may have tried/succeeded with it, rather than step in with speculation. Indeed, I realize that folks asking here often aren’t interested in paid help but just hope instead just to hear from someone with experience solving the problem they present. I’m afraid I don’t have that in this case. But perhaps that link will help someone interested in digging in further.

It is documented but not well and even after creating the OSGI framework we get a framework shutdown error every time we try to deploy Lucee 5. This is why we put in an SR with Oracle. They have yet to get back to us. Lucee references multiple OSGI bundles. It seems like that needs to be referenced in the weblogic.xml file but Oracle doesn’t document how to do that. They only have one example and only with one bundle. I feel like this question should be simple to answer and we’ve tried several ways to reference multiple bundles and they all fail with weblogic.xml parsing errors. Given the slow Oracle response we were looking for another option to get around the problem because we know that we can get the Lucee 4 war file to deploy and work. We cannot get a consulting service because this needs to be done as quickly as possible and the government procurement wheels grind at a glacial pace. It would be great to be able to hire someone who has already done this but we are rarely afforded that option.

I was finally able to deploy it. Oracle made a suggestion that we used initially but that led to a different error that was fixed by adding true. That made me curious so I backed out Oracle’s original suggested solution and but left this in the weblogic.xml and the deployment worked fine. I didn’t use the Oracle weblogic OSGI framework I created and deleted it to be sure the deployment wasn’t referencing it. Lucee admin still looks like a bit of a hot mess but I think that’s an issue with the referencing of the css. It still works for what we needed to do so that’s fine. One day I’ll see if I can figure how to make it look better.