Bug Report - using a CGI variable in app name

Here’s a bug that took me a day and a half to track down:

this.name = listFirst(cgi.server_name, ".");

this causes your session to timeout in 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you set the session timeout to 20 minutes or 20 hours, it will timeout in 5 minutes if you use the server_name in the app name.

My environment is a Windows server running IIS and Lucee

as listFirst returns a string, you’re seeing the same behaviour with just the string?

I had trouble duplicating this issue on a different server than the one I discovered it on, so I went back to the original server to try to replicate it, and…now I can’t. I know this was causing session timeouts for me on Friday, because it took a lot of trial and error to find the source of the problem, and I repeated the problem multiple times. Now it’s behaving as it should. I want to tear my hair out. Maybe it’s got something to do with me being the only tester today, where I had a handful of users hitting the app on Friday.

I will keep testing this and report back if I can reliably reproduce it … which I thought I could, and the only reason I submitted this post in the first place. ARGH!

This is crazy, but I can’t reproduce this problem anymore. I had 3 other people testing with me on Friday, and all confirmed first the problem, then the solution.

So false alarm, I guess. Scratch this one.