Bug: Mappings are broken in S3 extension v2

Hi, folks. Mappings do not seem to work correctly with v2 of the S3 extension. If an app includes an S3 mapping, the regular mappings no longer function.

Repro case is here: https://github.com/sbleon/lucee-s3-v2-mappings-broken

I’d like to file a bug in the Tracker about this, if that’s OK.

This was previously reported here: Bug report - S3 extension vs app mappings

Just to confirm, the issue is with latest ?

I have confirmed the bug to be present in:

My repro case uses the bundled version, but the behavior is the same with the latest RC.

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ticket for this [LDEV-4708] - Lucee

@sbleon what do you get when you execute the following code in bad/index.cfm

<cfset s3Config = deserializeJSON(FileRead(ExpandPath('../s3config.json')))>
<cfdump eval="ExpandPath('s3://#s3Config.bucket#')">
<cfdump eval="directoryList('s3://#s3Config.bucket#')">

can you please answer in the ticket itself, thanks a lot