Bug admin debugging.logs (toogle Section)

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  1. enable logging
  2. select log within web admin (e.g. /lucee/admin/web.cfm?action=debugging.logs&action2=detail…)
  3. click on any query

the toogleSection onClick event has the same ID for each query

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OS: any (linux)
Java Version: any (11)
Tomcat Version: any (9)
Lucee Version:

@Michael_Diederich I’ve checked this issue with above steps in lucee version I can’t able to replicate this issue and the toogleSection onClick event has a different id for each query . So can you please share the exact situation where you faced this issue?

All queries are open and a click doesn’t affect them.
Screenshot of my browser (right click, inspect items)

Line 1357. I guess, you should use #sectionId# as this.id is not replaced by lucee.

(Search · debug.selectText( · GitHub)
I found this in 2 files, Modern.cfc and Simple.cfc.

Switch the debug templates just throws more errors.

I hope this helps, if not i can try to record by screen using the web admin.

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I can’t catch your point here. can you please explain this?

I tried some more debug pages and it only affect some - not all. really tricky… I recored my screen, i hope it is now clear:


thanks so much @Michael_Diederich, Still the issue is not replicated for me. I will do some deep tests on this to get replicated.