Brace tags?

Continuing the discussion from Lucee Lang Namespace, why and if so what?:

So much discussion was given to the tag prefix and whether or not it should be more or less XML-compliant, etc… I want to throw this out there as a potential different direction entirely. What if the angle-bracket tags were dropped for brace tags? IDK, it feels more, template-y to me, which seems to be the consensus as to what tags should be used for (i.e. view templates). I’ve seen similar suggestions, not sure if they have gone entirely this direction before though…

{!: index.lucee, this is a comment btw... }

Hello, the time is {%=now()}.

{loop from=1, to=10, index="i"}
    iteration {%=i} <br />

{if condition==true}
   output this text!
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Or perhaps not reinvent the wheel at all, and just use [insert name of some popular templating engine here] ?

This would have the potential benefit of industry familiarity and existing text editor support.



In the great utopian world, Lucee would allow you to plug in which templating library you wanted to use. So if my team liked Handlebars, we could use it, but if someone else wanted to use the Groovy templating system, they could install and select it.


I think we should let JavaScript libraries be JavaScript libraries.

You’d end up with a whole subset language… sorta like Sencha templates, or handlebars…!/api/Ext.XTemplate