Boncode + multiple instances of tomcat

Is it possible to use boncode through a single IIS website but pointing to multiple instances of tomcat. Each tomcat instance has its own webapp name and its own ports.

I know how to do this using the old ISAPI redirector but would really like to used boncode as it is so simple to setup and configure.

Thanks in advance


yes you can have one IIS site hit multiple Tomcat instances.
You have to configure this manually since the installer does not support this use case.
You can use the installer to create the baseline. Make sure you use a site-specific install (not global).
You can copy things manually from there or script them.

The access to tomcat instances should be clearly delineated by path, e.g.

site url/           -> tomcat Main
site url/onetomecat -> tomcat Sub A
site url/twotomcat  -> tomcat Sub B

Principally you need to create an IIS application for each of the tomcat instances you wish to access from that point on. In my example the onetomecate and twotomcat paths. Instructions:

Inside each of the IIS Application directories create a BIN subdirectory.

Switch to File Explorer:
Go to your main site and copy everything from the BIN directory into your IIS-application target BIN directory. Then, change the BonCodeAJP13.setting file provide server and AJP port for your other Tomcat instance. Repeat.

Hope this helps,

Hi Bilal,

Thank you so much for your response it worked just fine.


Glad to hear it worked out for you.