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trying to run multiple instances of an application from same set of directories each using an instance of tomcat/lucee. I have got the config for them (tomcat, lucee) sorted. However realized a IIS virtual directory for the BIN folder (with boncode settings) will not work. This worked for previous isapi connectors but the boncode connector integrated earlier in the processing I’m guessing

It appears I may have to have a duplicate set of directories corresponding to each tomcat instance, thoughts, ideas.

Just trying to simplify my deployment.

How are these instances distinguished via the web?
Do the each have a slightly different URL?


And the tomcat instances run on different servers or same server and different port?

different domains (and iis website), but same set of folders. Different instances of tomcat/lucee on same server different ports. I think I’ll go to apache as I can configure the port for the tomcat instance, whereas boncode expects the bin folder to be physically be a subdirectory of the root and contains a settings file

Depending on how your code is organized this should be very simple.
Assume that your code is under a folder name called code and your assets are under assets, so your code is organized for example like this:


You can, then, create a sample directory structure like this for your IIS sites




You should able to create an IIS site for each of your customers’ sites (site1, site2, etc.). Than, add two virtual folders for code and assets pointing to the shared code and and assets. Thus, you can have different bin directories for each of your customers and locate your tomcat wherever and under whatever port you choose as long as tomcat is using the pointer to same shared directories for source code files. Other configs are possible to allow the same site to point to different tomcat instances, but this is probably the most straight forward.

If you solved this in apache, stick with what you are comfortable with.


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thanks for you time, but I am trying to reuse the same folder of files (same application) for multiple clients, can do this in ACF because the isapi connector does not rely on a bin folder

No problem.
Good luck mate.