Binding data to form fields

Hi, I’m a newbie in cfml development. I need some help in data binding like in cfselect. Can anyone show me some examples using lucee?

In short, you would use jQuery to make an AJAX call to either a .cfm or .cfc in Lucee (preferably through an MVC framework like FW/1 or ColdBox) that returns JSON data from a query that jQuery then uses to populate the form field.

Search Google for coldfusion jquery populate select and you’ll find lots of examples of how to do this with jQuery and ColdFusion.


– Denny

Hate to say but it might be best to stay away from cfform and all of the cfform tags like cfselect. They really aren’t supported and are nothing but headaches. As Denny said, instead use plain HTML powered with jquery. Learn jquery first - go to and go through a tutorial. it is very useful for your website… then look at how it integrates with CFML by searching as Denny said.

thank you very much for the quick reply. and tahnk you for answering my newbie question.