Behaviour of nested transactions


I have a question about nested transactions in Lucee. I did not expect the inner transaction to be able to commit data that the outer transaction could not rollback. We rather have the outer transaction rollback all changes.
I haven’t been able to find documentation about this so I looked in the code for this tag: Lucee/ at · lucee/Lucee · GitHub

From what I understand, not explicitly committing a transaction works differently with inner transactions. I think that the inner transactions never commit after the transaction tag ends, and outer most transaction does. I hesitate because I haven’t been able find why manager.isAutoCommit() determines wether you are in a nested transaction.

Is this correct? If we never explicitly call action="commit", will then the outermost transation tag control all the changes? Or are we going to run into other issues?

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OS : Windows Server 2019
Java Version : 11.0.15+10
Tomcat Version : Apache Tomcat/9.0.62
Lucee Version :
Microsoft JDBC Extension Version : 9.4.1

Related ticket in JIRA: [LDEV-4395] - Lucee