Back in the game & need some pointers

Hi All, I am back into web app development and need some framework choices.
When i left the game it was CF8 and I was able to do pretty much everything i needed out of the box.
So i need to build a database driven application (eg a typical customer and order system).
Previously i posted forms to the server, used cfgrid or just a html table with a loop.
Any fields that updates I used cf ajax functions.
To finish up I used cfreport builder for PDF reports and cfclient for basic mobile apps…

So now i believe the way to go is to use CF/Lucee to expose an end point API.
That bit is ok but the entire front end has me baffled…

It seems like:
1 - i will likely not post forms to the server?
2 - i will have to use a framework or 2 (or 22)?
3 - reports?
4 - Mobile apps…?/

Welcome back to the game!

Lucee has limited or no support for the client side components of CFML, so cfclient, cfgrid, etc. are elements for which we recommend that you use JavaScript and CSS frameworks.

HTTP POST requests still go to the server

Only if the framework(s) give you more benefit than constraints

There are solutions, but you can always generate the PDF yourself with cfdocument.

You can easily expose a RESTful API for the mobile apps to interact with.