attribute [bind] is not supported

I’m starting my first project in Lucee, before I used Adobe Coldfusion. I’m having trouble calling dynamic functions, I used something like in my form, but this returns an error in Lucee" attribute [bind] is not supported ". Researching I saw that in Lucee bind’s documentation it is compatible with cfinput. What could be wrong?

Please share your code. If this is a reference to the “cfajax” classification of tags that generate client side JS, let it be known that’s an area that was never very well supported, hasn’t been touched in many years, and is unlikely to receive any fixes unless you sponsor them. The recommendation is to refactor away from them.

@Ademir_Lima, Yes, lucee has not supported.
See Lucee/ at 6.0 · lucee/Lucee · GitHub

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I’m just testing what I was using before starting the project. I took this example from Adobe because I intend to create something similar, the Lucee test didn’t work, in Adobe it did.
Forgive me for writing because I don’t speak English, thanks.

<cfform name="mycfform">
    First Name<font color="#FF0000">*</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
        <cfinput type="text" name="firstname" required="yes"><br>
    Last Name<font color="#FF0000">*</font>:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
        <cfinput type="text" name="lastname" required="yes"><br>
    Domain<font color="#FF0000">*
        <cfinput type="text" name="domain" required="yes"><br>
        <cfinput type="text" name="email1"
<font color="#FF0000">*</font> indicates the field is required.

    <cffunction name="getEmailId" access="remote">
        <cfargument name="firstname"> 
        <cfargument name="lastname"> 
        <cfargument name="domain"> 
        <cfreturn "#left(firstname,1)#.#lcase(arguments.lastname)#@#

Ok, Thanks!

you really ought to avoid using these old cfml tags these days