arrayFind performance

Maybe you are interested in a simple performance comparison for listFind() and arrayFind (inspired by this article: )
I always thought that arrayFind should be faster, but this proved to be wrong – listFind is approx. 3x faster in this test?
(running on )

<cfset listFind(test, i)>

#getTickcount() - start#

Lucee 4.5 ~ 2 sec (Railo also ~ 2 sec, ACF 10 still running … )====================================

<cfset arrayFind(test, i)>

#getTickcount() - start#

Lucee 4.5 ~ 6 sec (Railo ~ 7 sec, ACF 10 ~ 12 sec)



Must have something to do with object comparisons. ArrayFindNoCase is
faster than ArrayFind, probably since it only expects simple values. It is
still a fraction slower (around 2%) than listFind though. Don’t know it
that’s significant, although repeated runs keep reproducing this small