Array.delete now returns an array?

We have recently upgraded to the new version of Lucee from and have found a surprising change which has broken our unit tests.

array.delete(value) and array.append(value) now return the array (with the “value” deleted or added) where it used to return a boolean.

I can find nothing in the release notes or the Jira issue tracker about this change. This is quite a core and non-compatible change, I would expect something like this to be documented somewhere. Further, it is not even consistent with your docs:

which at the time of posting specify that these methods should return booleans.

I am worried after the upgrade that there will be other subtle changes that are not backward compatible with our existing code. Where can I find a list of these changes?

Or was this even supposed to be changed? Is this perhaps a bug?

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It may have been part of this ticket which was for Adobe CF 2018 compat.

You can read more about Adobe’s change including array.delete() here:

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