April 2017 Sprint

The April 2017 sprint is underway, and will produce Lucee 5.1.4. Here’s a screenie of the tickets, along with a link to the full ticket list below:


We’re still hyper-focused on getting everyone onto Lucee 5, so please keep the feedback coming if there are any tickets blocking you from upgrading. Feel free to comment right here.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the retrospective from the March sprint:


Hi @IamSigmund,

I really like the idea of monthly releases and this kind of community feedback. Keep up the good work!

You asked for blocking Bugs. This is a Bug that keeps us from using Lucee as CFML Server:


Best Regads,


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Hi Martin. Thanks for the comment. I just tagged that ticket to see about getting it onto a near-term sprint. I’ll keep you posted. Looks like you’re the one who raised the ticket, so you’ll get updates as we update the ticket. Feel free to keep commenting here, too.


Hi Patrick,

thanks. Yes, the ticket was created by me, too :slight_smile:

I will get notified.

@phal0r Hi again, Martin. Quick FYI, this ticket has been tagged for including in an upcoming sprint, and is currently being investigated. Stay tuned.

Hi @IamSigmund,

thanks for coming back on this. Would be awesome if this issue would make it into the next sprint :slight_smile: