<cfset = "Company"/>
<cfset This.sessionManagement = "true"/>
<cfset This.applicationManagement = "true"/>
<cfset This.sessionTimeout = "#createTimeSpan(7, 0, 0, 0)#"/>	

<cfset Application.EmployeeComponent = createObject('component', '/dashboard/Humanresources/cfc/Employees')/>
<cfparam name="Session.employeePK" type="numeric" default="0"/>	

<cffunction name="onRequestStart" returnType="boolean">
	<cfargument type="String" name="targetPage" required="true"/>

	<cfif Session.employeePK And NOT Application.EmployeeComponent.getEmployeeisActive(Session.employeePK).recordCount>

	<cfreturn true>

Session and Application variable error???
Throws an error that Session.employyePK and Application.EmployeeComponent do not exists when onRequestStart function is excuted???

Have you tried setting those variables within their respective functions onApplicationStart() and onSessionStart()?

Yes, did not work

Yes, did not work.
Also, I will submit an issue for a CFHTTP call. It returns JSON(works in ColdFusion) but Lucee throws an error that it is not valid JSON. I am calling UPS API to get shipping rates.

<cfset addChangeLog(Session.employeePK, ‘Estimator’, ‘UPS’, 0, ‘Search’)/>

<cfreturn DeserializeJSON(upsRate.fileContent)/>