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Hi how to learn and practice on CFC files and where to find examples on sample coldfusion - CFML Applications for practice the code, how to become a coldfusion - CFML Expert!

please provide more examples on Coldfusion OOPS, ORM, CFC files.


Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face: Yes I am currently learning in CFWEEK, where can I find small sample example of entire application CFC, OOPS, ORM, sorry I maybe wrong! , I searched in youtube unable to find, I am beginner to Coldfusion CFML, eager to learn but unable to find more examples for better understanding and practice. Thanks again for the immediate Reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know exactly how you feel. Best thing I can warmly recommend is this book:

Unfortunately this is all cftags and not in cfscript, but its the best I could find during my changes from legacy to oop style.Would have been great ti have rewrite of this awesome book with cfscript.

Further, I’d look those videos:
This one is awesome to look into MVC pattern for FW/1:

And take a look at all stuff you can find from Nolan Erck. In my opinion he is great because of the simplicity of his independent approach. I’ve learnt a lot from his videos:

But try to stick more to cfscript (because if you know JavaScript, you will feel much more comfortable with it. You still need cftags in cfml, mostly for outputting html in views, but give full priority to writing cfscript style.


Thanks a lot, It is so useful, Thanks again :+1: :+1: :+1:

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