App icons not loading with external JRE

Maybe a bug, but.

If you install the service on windows with no native java runtime and let the installer (installed version) just run and install the application icons never are generated on the admin portal.

if you have an existing java runtime, install Lucee as a service, the application icons are installed.

which java version? I tried with the same JRE as bundled with the installer and it works for me

This is from the affected box.

Its my dev windows instance.

Version Lucee

Version Name Gelert
Release date Aug 23, 2022 Remote IP

Servlet Container Apache Tomcat/9.0.65
Java 1.8.0_341 (Oracle Corporation) 64bit
Host Name
OS Windows Server 2019 (10.0) 64bit
Architecture 64bit
Inspect Templates (CFM/CFC) Always ( Bad )
Local scope mode Classic (CFML Default)
Configuration File C:\lucee\tomcat\lucee-server\context\lucee-server.xml

This is due to a third party plugin, cfpdfform

Installing it breaks the image loading for the rest of the extensions.

just an FYI.

Thanks for the info @Terry_Whitney
It possibly related to [LDEV-3938] - Lucee
I will take a look into this and add a fix to this if I can replicate the issue.

No worries @cfmitrah
Let me know if you need any additional info to help debug this.


@Terry_Whitney I’ve checked this issue with the lucee version and I installed the GitHub - MitrahSoft/lucee-cfpdfform: cfpdfform tag for Lucee Server. Read and Populate PDF Form Fields - By extension. But I didn’t replicate this issue on my local. can you please share the details to replicate this issue (like anything in got logged in logs while on the app page load) and the screenshot of app page without icons?

Sure, do you want me to post it here or on github?

@Terry_Whitney Please Post it here :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally gained full access to this box.

The cause I believe is not your extension its the person. That person didnt follow documentation and proceeded to who install lucee 140, then downloaded the binary for 160 installed 160 on top of 140, left the WEB-INF in place for 140, then patched with 167.

Does binary for 160 mean lco file? or jar file?

does this mean updated the server from 140 to 160?

What do you mean by the patched with 167?

@Terry_Whitney can you please clarify this? :slightly_smiling_face:


The user installed Lucee 5.3.140 as a binary. (Windows executable installer)
The user copied all files (INCLUDING WEB-INF) from Lucee Install Root to their desktop
Then the user installed Lucee 5.3.160 as a binary on top of 5.3.140 (Windows executable installer)
Then the user patched Lucee 5.3.160 with snapshot 5.3.167 (Using lucee interface, jar)
The user copied back all the files (INCLUDING WEB-INF) to the Lucee ROOT folder
Then the user installed CFPDFFORM, Java, (JRE & JDK)
Then the user installed Windows 2019 DC patches and rebooted.

It’s always good to not copy and paste any web-inf folder. Lucee/Tomcat should always deploy it by itself. Overwriting any web-infs with other web-inf may have unpredictable results. I’d always backup the settings of web/server contexts first (use commandBox cfconfig), delete web-infs and server-lucee, copy the pure application without web-inf back and let tomcat redeploy the rest. However, export all the settings first as a backup so you can reimport them back.

I have seen similar things in similar situations. When I redeploy lucee-server and remove all the web-infs, everything gets back to normal. You just need to reimport the settings with cfconfig. Note: cfconfig works on classic Lucee installations. There are folks who think it works on CommandBox running Instances only and that assumption is wrong.


Yeah, it wasnt my “baby” it however was an assistant who didnt apparently read the detailed notes on troubleshooting Lucee development installs.

our method is a bat file (Windows, bash linux) that copies all files save for the WEB-INF, then prompts if they want to copy some tomcat specific files and or nginx or httpd config files. People do not rtfm, but I digress the guy is a Python developer so I wont be too harsh on him.

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