API takes long time

I’ve Connected the dev database from local. Tried to get the records from dev database using API but it’s take long time. Any one could you please help help me

How about you start out with technical details such as: Lucee Version, Java Version, how you set up your connection, Database, Database version, host os,


Also, please be more spcific with what you mean with “long time”. What does take a long time? The database retrieving, the page? What have you done so far to isolate the issue? Is a blank page without DB connection faster? Is it only the DB connection? Is your setup a plain Tomcat on port 8888 or are you using a Webserver in front?

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@andreas I used the API to get the data from dev database but the API it’s very slow.

Getting the response is very slow and due to that performance issue.

Whenever I’m working on the remote server, it’s work fine.

Only problem in my local machine.

I’ve added the host file and also IIS configuration.

Where? so now we know at least its Windows on IIS.

What version of Windows?
What version of Lucee?
What Verson of Java
where is the LUCEE code being executed
WHERE is the API being called from?
What is the code you are using?

If you fail to give technical details, then We can not help you.

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Still, you haven’t provided any further information. Please provide more information for the questions we have posted. Just telling ‘it’s slow’ again won’t help