Any recommendation for a simple database running on ubuntu?

and supported by Lucee?

I took a quick look at mysql (on docker), setup seems messy.


Are you wanting them in Docker or just generally on Ubuntu?

Over here, for our non Lucee project Postgres is our default DB. We only have a couple of Lucee projects now and they use MS SQL.

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I’m open to either native DB running on Ubuntu (16.04) or in Docker.
I’ve looked at Postgres on Ubuntu it seems its syntax deviates a lot from major RDBMSs, I don’t like it.
MS SQL has a new Docker image, not sure how it’s performing.


We use the MS SQL docker image in development, as our devs work on Ubuntu or OSX. No idea how it performs in production as we use a Windows VM for our SQL server.

We run MSSQL on windows; I’ve never tried the linux container.

That said, mysql is probably the most ubiquitous, with good community and enterprise support options, for OSS. And it’s free for production use.

MSSQL, in my biased option, is easier to work with, has good gui tools, tunes itself pretty well as a baseline (but certainly can be improved by someone who knows what they’re doing). You can expect it will take more cpu and memory than MySQL, and if you’re going to use it in production you either need to pay for mssql standard, or you need to be really sure you’ll never exceed a 10GB database and be happy with the limitations of express edition.

As far as marketability of skills - mysql or postgres will be useful for cloud architects and/or people working with aws aurora someday. MSSQL would be more useful for corporations and enterprise work, and solutions built around the Microsoft ecosystem including Azure.

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Followup I have worked with all of these in production at some point in the last 20yrs. Postgres is great if you need true transaction/ACID compliance. It tends to be more like Oracle in some respects. It requires maintenance just like any db (mainly vacuuming and index maint). You’ll also need to consider backups and everything else involved in running a db.

I’d recommend MySQL at this point but thats based on the info you’ve provided… which is almost nothing. Better info yields better recommendations.

For instance is there a technical reason to use one or the other? If you need PL/SQL, you want postgres. If you need specific language support in database thats a factor too. If you’re going to use an ORM, then the choice matters much less from a programming sql statements perspective.

Ultimately you need to weigh the pros and cons and decide what you want to learn!

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Thank you Joe for your informative and thoughtful posts.
I intend to go with MS SQL because the need is to get a back-end db up and running quickly for prototypes and I can consider to use some Lucee hosting service with MS SQL support vs. relying on Ubuntu solely.