Any plans to update Hibernate from 3.5.5 to 5.x

Lucee at the moment uses Hibernate 3.5.5 version. Do you have any plans to
update to Hibernate 5?

Hi Francesco

With Lucee 5 we have moved Hibernate to an Extension and yes it is planned
to update the version used in that extension, but atm i can give you no
timeframe for this


Hello. You have any news about the upgrade to 5.x version?

Hi, I am also very interested if there is a chance for an update. Version 3.5, currently in Lucee, was released in 2010

that’ll be the day! :roll_eyes:

I couldn’t find a ticket anywhere in JIRA for this, so I added one. Please vote if this is something you want to see done. Our project manager @IamSigmund does pay attention to the tickets with top votes.

Upgrade Hibernate Extension to Latest version (5)


Your Product Manager here! Added this to my watch list. Thx @bdw429s.

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