Any plans for c++ cfx support?

I have an old but critical application running CF8 that relies heavily on
CFX_HTTP5 which is a c++ DLL.

The CF8 application is internal so the risk from outdated code is minimal
but I would like to upgrade and Lucee is our preferred platform.

I know there was some partial support for c++ cfx’s in railo but never
enough to get that particular tag to work. I’m guessing that boat has
sailed in Lucee?

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The application is to do automated submissions to a government regulatory
body (with their permission)

Maintaining session state over https was the main reason I went with
cfx_http5. CF8 couldn’t (or at least couldn’t reliably) The site is all
https and also uses changing tokens on each page and several subdomain

It’s very fast (at least compared to CF8) My application can log in and
complete 150-170 form submissions required in about 2.5-5 minutes.

I did try to write it in pure cfml but it just wasn’t possible at the time
(may still not be). My application is about 20,000 lines of cfc code which
I don’t really want to revisit. With the exception of a major change to the
login process by the target site about 4 years ago, the code has worked
pretty much flawlessly since 2004 and created close to 500,000 documents
(from around 8 million form submissions :slight_smile:

I’m curious. What are you using CFX_HTTP5 for that CFHTTP doesn’t cover.
I realize CFHTTP can sometimes leave something to be desired, but I’m
curious what your use case is.

check out

This makes this kind of thing quite straight forward, you could then create
a wrapping custom tag and easily do a find and replace in your code if you
can mimic the functionality.



there are some pretty cool c++ cfx extension out there though. IHTK for one.