Announcing Lucee 6: Swansea Jack

Fresh from CFCAMP2018 Day 2 Keynote, @gert and @micstriit announce details of the next generation of the Lucee core engine.


The new features are appealing, the new logo is not.

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Might have been a bit of poetic license in the slide-deck… there are no plans to update the logo at this time.

The introduction of a headless package via Lambda COMPLETELY changes the game and future-proofs CFML for the foreseeable future. Fantastic work!!! Can’t wait to get the manageless microservicing going with Lucee!!

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Any ideas on beta/release in a functional Lambda format?

I like the general direction of a more cloud friendly containerized service.
I have been proposing something like this about four years ago.

Unfortunately, most of our development has move to nodejs for that very reason.

This is where the schizzle will be for Lucee 6;

We’ll do what we can to make packaging and cold starts as sweet :lollipop: as possible. Of course anything we do here will have a knock-on effect for Docker and other deployment scenarios.


I think this is real interesting. What kind of use case would this feature be for considering the 15 min max runtime aws lamda imposes?

@nalbee the 15 minute limit is for a single request execution. So you can do quite a bit with it, for example you can host an API using API gateway, or you can process AWS events like S3 bucket events, DB events, SNS, SQS etc).

The actual life of the lucee “server” instance can be longer than 15 minutes, up to around 4 hours before it recycles it and allows another one to start (on request). But if you have concurrent requests lambda will create up to 1000 (default limit) instances of your lucee server that can process requests concurrently.

Pete Freitag
Foundeo Inc.

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Better maintained and faster Docker images e.g. suitable for name based virtual hosting would certainly simplify my life.

I think CFML for Lambda is probably going to come too late - most people are already writing in one of the current AWS runtimes e.g. JavaScript.