Announcing Lucee (Release Candidate)

Greetings, Lucites! Short and sweet indeed, just like (hopefully) our new-and-improved release cycle. We're actually still getting into a good rhythm with the new schedule--it's not quite as short and sweet as we've envisioned. Specifically, we're looking for the sprints to be 2 weeks max, with a ticket list in the range of 10 or so tickets (which will obviously vary based on the complexity of the tickets in a given sprint), with release candidate periods of about 2 weeks. But we're definitely moving the right direction.

Today we’re announcing the next Lucee release candidate– As I noted above, we pulled in quite a few additional tickets after the sprint started, in order to keep pushing for more and more stability, which in turn will help us fully get into that shorter/sweeter sprint rhythm. Here’s the list of tickets covered:

Ticket Summary
LDEV-2849 Error at ORM Page in Admin Panel
LDEV-2838 Upgrade OWASP ESAPI Extension to 2.2.0
LDEV-2835 add function queryLazy
LDEV-2833 NullPointerException - When viewing the info->bundle in Admin
LDEV-2829 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException with cfadmin action=“surveillance” #2
LDEV-2827 Regression - LogBox ConsoleAppender no longer writes to System.out stream in 5.3.5
LDEV-2825 expanding path for this.customtagpath fails
LDEV-2817 request timeout can blocked datasource usage
LDEV-2815 setAutoCommit is called unnecessary
LDEV-2809 Regression - Class loading errors in 5.3.5 and 5.3.5 that weren’t in 5.3.4
LDEV-2804 Session/Client storage is limited to single access
LDEV-2794 Reflection looses cached method
LDEV-2786 RAM cache free fails
LDEV-2770 cfhttp fails with non ascci characters
LDEV-2769 use individual log in ExpressionUtil
LDEV-2768 Use single log instance in HostnameVerifier
LDEV-2760 PagePoolClear function returns java.lang.NullPointerException
LDEV-2757 documentitem evalatprint multiple output
LDEV-2756 onError fails on RequestTimeoutException
LDEV-2743 ESAPI functions break systemOutput under load
LDEV-2735 error listener for query fails
LDEV-2728 Lucee ignores exception thrown by OutputStream/Inputstream.close
LDEV-2714 getClassMetaData on ORMGetSessionFactory not found
LDEV-2711 remove unnecessary setAutocommit
LDEV-2688 NPE opening settings - > performance/caching in server admin
LDEV-2612 MySQL complains:requirements SSL connection must be established by default
LDEV-2611 PDF Extensions stops running my cf-code since version
LDEV-2604 BUG Exclusive connections for request. Persistent MSSQL Isolation Level.
LDEV-2559 arrayEach has too much memory overhead from duplicating pageContext
LDEV-2452 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException with cfadmin action=“surveillance”
LDEV-2422 Lucee sessions are set with NO timeout when using an empty onSessionStart()
LDEV-2295 Publishing a Webservice with Lucee. No longer accepting an array of components.
LDEV-1196 Provide a way to fully “warm up” a Lucee install for containerization

Please grab a copy from the downloads site, give it a spin, and let us know any and all feedback.

Thanks for listening.


Thanks @IamSigmund, I’m looking forward to this release. I noticed ticket is included in 5.3.6 but there have been no new commits listed in JIRA and no comments to indicate the missing bits were added, or how they were accomplished. Is there a way to get confirmation on how LDEV-1196 has been re-addressed?

Also, for you CommandBox users, ALL Lucee versions are now autopubished to ForgeBox. So you can spin up the new RC in box like so for testing:

server start cfengine=lucee@5.3.6-RC

@isapir is going to add a comment or two to the ticket.

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The number of regressions in the last few releases is mounting up, is it possible to list all the know regressions when asking people to go and test a RC?

There is a recurring problem with people trying out RCs, just encountering unresolved regressions which have been already reported during the sprint

Here’s a rough jira list of known regressions“Awaiting%20Approval”%2C%20Backlog%2C%20"Being%20Investigated%2FTriaged"%2C%20"In%20Progress"%2C%20"Need%20more%20details"%2C%20New)%20ORDER%20BY%20created%20DESC


Hi Zac. First, yes, as I noted in Monday’s post, we’re still not in the groove we need to be in with regard to our shorter sprints, and in particular with regard to getting caught up on regressions. That said, your list is not accurate. It’s worth noting that our regression analyses are the most time-consuming part of the limited Lucee development schedule. They often take at least hours, if not days, and in most cases we end up determining with reporters that they are not, in fact, regressions.

Now, with all that said, we will certainly add this list of yours to our next standup meeting agenda. Stay tuned.

@IamSigmund I’m still waiting for the comments and commit details to be added to ticket LDEV-1196. As of right now, JIRA shows no additional work at all has been done, it just appears the ticket was completed. The three commits on that ticket are from April of 2019 and the questions and concerns in the comments have been left unaddressed.

Mail-servers don’t verify in this version as well, as described in here:
Will this be fixed before a final release?

New bug filed, the test email should be sent with async=false, otherwise the test email is spooled and the error happens in the background

Have the async part been added? I am still setup to work on this. I can add that.

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Thanks for the information.

There’s another regression (in that list) since which causes a 1m hang on shutdown with scheduled tasks. That extra delay sucks in production (and dev, especially with testing snapshots)