Announcing Lucee (final)

Unfortunately 5.3.5 and 5.3.6 seem to have issues in relation to external java class loading which mean the Lucee Spreadsheet Library won’t run on them, and JavaLoader doesn’t work in some cases.

Suspect we’ll be on for a while, which as you say seems to be pretty stable.

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It’s good to hear not everyone has had as many issues :slight_smile:

Here are the tickets that affected our ORM apps the most:

There has been a collection of tickets all somewhat intermingled and related to compilation, class file caching, and recompilation. I honestly am not sure which specific ticket the fix on is tied to that make compilation literally 10 times faster.
Our ORM apps were slowed down so much on initial startup due to compilation overhead we had troubles getting them to even deploy

This one here was a hard error that hits anyone using the cborm module for ColdBox for sure. If you’re not using cborm, you’re code may have avoided the broken bits.

Thanks for the detail, Brad. The first 3 tickets are all apparently fixed in I’m using the built-in Hibernate ORM rather than CBORM so perhaps the other one doesn’t affect my code.

Machines will be on auto update, for instance.

I’d say that anyone crazy brave enough to risk enabling auto update should be extremely glad to see a way more performant and stable released?

CBORM is just a series of helper services that make the built in Hibernate easier to use (and more like Groovy’s hibernate integration). It uses a lot of introspection into the Hibernate entity data. Chances are your “naked” ORM use is lucky enough to not be touching the broken bits that CBORM relies on from Hibernate.

is this version also supporting data source19C from Oracle? or also the old version are possible? connection over oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

older versions should work fine, current version is 12c

there’s a bug against Lucee to upgrade the jdbc support to the latest version vote for it if you need it

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Pleased to report that the issue affecting the Spreadsheet Lib is apparently fixed in