Announcing Lucee 5.3.3 Release Candidate (

Hello again Lucites. Happy summer to everyone. Here in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S., the first official day of summer included a snow storm that dropped 2 feet of snow. Hopefully your summer is off to a more summer-y start!

The Lucee shipping machine continues to crank out releases. Today we’re announcing the next Release Candidate, Lucee

(Visual of the Lucee shipping process…)

Here’s the list of tickets covered by this release:

Ticket Summary
LDEV-2318 Looping a query: concurrency issue with internal call to get current row
LDEV-2302 Massive performance degradation when using Java > 1.8
LDEV-2297 all form fields treated as file uploads with multipart/form-data
LDEV-2265 " Self-attach to current VM error " using Lucee 5.3 (Docker image Lucee-nginx) Java 11
LDEV-2264 warn about incompatible extensions when downgrading
LDEV-2263 NPE in debugging when a query has no source
LDEV-2262 improve debugging execution time readability
LDEV-2261 percentage of total sql execution time is always 0%
LDEV-2260 Queryparam will first check maxLength and only after convert the value to the given type
LDEV-2258 Image functions not working in latest Lucee
LDEV-2257 Regression from LDEV-2247 fix
LDEV-2253 xmlParse doesn’t work and then kills Lucee server instance
LDEV-2249 modern debugging template, only load the 1.1mb of echarts javascript when the metrics are shown
LDEV-2247 Client cookies are not marked as secure and httpOnly
LDEV-2240 Regression: felix log growing
LDEV-2239 modern debugging template filter reset doesn’t work
LDEV-2238 duplicate stacktraces in modern debugging output
LDEV-2236 cfquery returnType Array return NULL whereas returnType Query return empty string with Partially NULL Support
LDEV-2229 Deleting a debugging template doesn’t remove it from Lucee-server.xml
LDEV-2227 Parse bundled cfml files as part of the build process
LDEV-2226 improve the missing attribute error message
LDEV-2223 CFZIP: wrong password leaves the zip file locked
LDEV-2221 Unknown XML parsing error after upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3 (CommandBox)
LDEV-2215 lucee’s bundled felix version does not support jrt protocol
LDEV-2204 StructEach is not accessing key-value accurately for arguments
LDEV-2202 key [ACTION2] doesn’t exist
LDEV-2187 snapshots are being suggested as patches for stable releases on overview page
LDEV-2180 Lucee handles files uploads incorrectly when Content-Type is missing
LDEV-2174 ACF Compatibility for this.blockedExtForFileUpload in Application.cfc
LDEV-2173 XmlSearch Performance issues
LDEV-2170 <cfmail with option Folder= not working
LDEV-2169 <cfimap action=“MoveEmail” makes a copy and not move
LDEV-2159 cffile write nameconflict skip - writes an empty file
LDEV-2148 parseDateTime with format argument subtracts one year
LDEV-2142 QueryExecute debugging entries are not consistent with cfquery
LDEV-2102 Invalid call of the function ImageResize, fifth Argument (blurFactor) is invalid, argument blurFactor must be between 0 and 10
LDEV-2100 LuceeAjax.js does not bind empty values
LDEV-2098 cfapplication action=update doesn’t work for javaSettings
LDEV-2007 cfloop doesn’t throw error while using invalid combination of attributes
LDEV-1935 Code of CFCs in componentPaths isn’t flushed by PagePoolClear() or SystemCacheClear()
LDEV-1780 Cannot create MySQL Datasource
LDEV-1723 Extensions with content type of application/octet-stream won’t install
LDEV-1663 Implicit Accessors Do Not Satisy Interface Methods
LDEV-1196 Provide a way to fully “warm up” a Lucee install for containerization

As always, please grab a copy from the downloads site and test the bejeezus out of it, and send us any and all feedback. Schedule-wise, the July sprint is just around the corner (kicking off next Monday, July 1), so this will be another stretch where the RC period and a current sprint overlap (summer schedules, you know). In early August, we’ll make 5.3.3 a final release, and we’ll also put out a 5.3.4 RC at the same time. There’s still room in the July sprint, so if you’ve got a ticket you’d like addressed, please let us know, and we’ll do our level best to get it done.

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, we’ll have a very busy schedule of activities. CFCamp is celebrating a 10th anniversary this year (!!), so you won’t want to miss this party. In addition to keeping up with our regular release schedule, we’re also starting to put more attention on Lucee 6, and, in a perfect world, we’ll have an alpha or perhaps even a beta ready to share by then. We’ll have an update on the rest of 2019 release plans, including Lucee 6, as soon as we have some solid info to share.

Kudos once again to our small-but-mighty team of Lucee developers, other staff/volunteers, and community technical supporters! Please direct all questions, comments, or other arrows at the large target I happily wear on my back. Thanks for listening!


Great work, guys. Let’s get this tested!

For you CommandBox users out there, just run this to give the new RC a spin

start cfengine= is that a URL typo?

Lol, yes sorry. I had copied an old one and updated it in a Slack conversation which I used to paste here but I guess my clipboard still had the old one. Updated.

Got to love the progress. I just pray that the concurrency issues with query-caching (something RamCache related) may get addressed soon. We’re on right now and the stability problems may force us to downgrade to 5.2 again, which used to be rock solid in the same setup. I filed and updated an issue to that effect last week and I am confident that you’ll find and fix this bugger eventually.

Keep up that excellent work!

Edit: Sorry, and thank you Zac_Spitzer, I forgot to link the ticket in question:

We had another crash of one of our servers just an hour ago while I was on the Autobahn. I took precautions yesterday, i.e. I now have a way to trigger a clean Tomcat restart remotely from my iPhone, but the “have you tried turning it off and on again” approach doesn’t sit all too well with our users, so downgrade to 5.2 it is early next week unfortunately. But I have faith that this is going to be resolved in one of the upcoming sprints and I’ll do my very best to assist in any way I can.

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Link to the bug :slight_smile:

Great work!

Couple of tickets holding us up:

The following is set to deployed but this is still a problem beyond JDK 11.0.1 - Might be the case until JDK 13. Not sure if anything can be done at the Lucee end as a workaround.


Great progress, and loving the Docker focus.

Sadly we’re still stuck on earlier versions because of things like (createObject() is broken)


Thanks @thefalken. Re: 2132, that one has already been triaged, as has related ticket 2317, and, both appear to be recent regressions, so hopefully that all adds up to a near-term fix. We’ll investigate and confirm ASAP. @isapir @micstriit