Announcing Lucee 2

Our second Release Candidate for 5.3.10 is now available, lot’s of nice bug fixes

One of the most exciting features in 5.3.10, which should make should make everyone’s life easier when deploying Lucee servers, is improved native support for CFconfig.

try it out, let us know how you go!

Available as usual via

Java 17 is still not supported, Java 11 recommended

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LDEV-4221 - .cfconfig fails to import custom-tag and component mappings


LDEV-4242 - cfhttp trace logging doesn’t log connection failures
LDEV-4263 - Logs being written out to the wrong context

Query of Queries

LDEV-3878 - QoQ shouldn’t fall back to HSQLDB after queryparam error
LDEV-4044 - QoQ with a named parameter passed without params doesn’t throw


LDEV-4260 - access graph.cfm with invalid query string throws file not exist error
LDEV-4262 - unsupported charset in HTTP response
LDEV-2909 - XMLValidate error with valid xml
LDEV-4230 - cfajaxproxy doesn’t work with “Suppress Content for CFC Remoting” enabled
LDEV-4223 - getApplicationSettings and getApplicationMetadata return application instead of cfml for sessionType
LDEV-4218 - Add Parameter Alias “mimeType” for “accept” in fileUpload
LDEV-4212 - static scope does no reset when extended Component changes

Code Changes

Previous RC1


Depending on Feedback / Problems, we aim to make the Stable release next week.

Coming up next is the first Lucee 6.0 Beta release

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Thanks to the whole team!
(Congratulations also for the choice of the image. A star is being born! :heart:)

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I was asked over on FB about how to export config for configImport without installing CFconfig, so an an experiment, I’ve knocked up a demo admin extension which bundles the code from @Brad_Wood’s cfconfig stuff into an Lucee admin extension

We’ve been dogfooding the native configImport() stuff but more testing would be great!

extension-CFconfigExporter-1.0.0.lex (82.5 KB)


Cool, are you using the CFConfig services module directly? I actually suggested to Micha originally that Lucee should simply bundle that in the first place.

Looking for feedback, please let us know if you have tried out the latest RC

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