Announcing Lucee

The first release Candidate for 5.3.10 is available, mostly bug fixes, there are some additional improvements relating to CFconfig.json importing which we will be publishing docs about this week

Available as usual via your local Lucee Admin, Commandbox and Docker

Java 17 is still not supported, Java 11 recommended

Updated Extensions

  • MySQL 8.0.30
  • Compress
  • Image



LDEV-3032 - installing or removing an extension via the admin doesn’t log to deploy.log
LDEV-3710 - Controler thread doesn’t log all failures
LDEV-4035 - Log4j2 resets log level to ERROR
LDEV-4091 - Datadog log appender
LDEV-4112 - admin, setting.logging page should show other (layout name) if the specified logging layout cfc isn’t available
LDEV-3978 - regression: Cflog stops writing to files
LDEV-4034 - Regression - application log datasource appender throws 500 – Internal Server Error on lucee restart


LDEV-3224 - Admin area : Edit Web charset in Settings - Charset and default value
LDEV-3277 - admin list applications hangs, continually trying to load older image extension (despite a newer version already being installed?)
LDEV-3469 - updateDatasource should also support passing in a custom attributes struct
LDEV-3890 - Extension - Applications link in server admin times out
LDEV-3936 - add a clear cache button to the edit cache page in the admin
LDEV-3937 - Impossible to debug extension provider issues from admin UI
LDEV-3938 - When there is one invalid extension provider, no info shows for ANY providers


LDEV-3533 - REFind/NoCase(returnsubexpressions=true) doesn’t return subexpressions when regex engine set to Java.
LDEV-3690 - Using java regex engine incompatibility issue
LDEV-3703 - reMatchNoCase() regex regression in 5.3.8


LDEV-3754 - debug attribute not supported on CFMail tag
LDEV-3948 - Improve the message for output the component with debug enabled
LDEV-4011 - CFHTTP add more detail to exception for throwOnError=true


LDEV-4124 - allow config directories for tag, functions and file-system to be configurable

Bug fixes

LDEV-3975 - ESAPI functions result in “CTOR threw exception” error with extension
LDEV-3979 - Regression: Custom cookie parsing now used over servlet’s cookies
LDEV-3980 - jdbc commit issues using transactions and hibernate
LDEV-4000 - Scheduled Tasks require a minimum interval of 10 for no reason
LDEV-4004 - Regression - For in loop inside the queryEach callback are not thread safe
LDEV-4006 - Regression - isJson() throws java.lang.NumberFormatException
LDEV-4012 - support component skip=true for 5.3 testcases
LDEV-4046 - Server.cfc/Web.cfc calls Application.cfc
LDEV-4064 - createObject reloads all OSGI bundles if javaSettings are configured
LDEV-4101 - Encrypt issue using Base64, invalid character [=] in base64 string at position
LDEV-4103 - DeserializeJSON Corrupts Large Numbers
LDEV-4104 - lucee Local Documentation Member Chaining Member functions shows a wrong return type
LDEV-4135 - NPE
LDEV-4158 - IOException occurs when search for propriate codecs.
LDEV-4162 - NPE in CFMLFactoryImpl.getPageContextImpl
LDEV-4176 - arraySet member function throws misleading error message
LDEV-3584 - getComponentMetadata with final component throws an error
LDEV-3680 - race condition in getRPCClassLoader
LDEV-1513 - Dumping getComponentStaticScope() of component with remote static function causes java.lang.NullPointerException
LDEV-3028 - “The servlet context has already been initialized” error in Application.log of Undertow deployments
LDEV-3917 - _internalRequest() result missing Content-Type and Content-Length

Code Changes


I’ve run a build with multi-arch images for this RC too (adds ARM64 support). The tags still have a -2209 “build date” suffix until we’ve had some feedback on how these images are working;

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