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Just a general question - what is the standard operating procedure for when a ticket is marked DEPLOYED but may still have issues?

In the case of LDEV-1984, I was able to reproduce the problem on and the latest snapshot as well; I commented on the ticket but are we meant to open new tickets if the original one has been closed?

this looks like a blocker for a 5.3.1 release?


Hi Zac. Yes, looks like it may be. There’s a very active dev team discussion about that one this morning. We’ll update as we have more info.

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I added comments in the ticket.

Will there be a 5.3.1 (Final) release any time soon? The RC didn’t work well for us, but is doing well. Just wondering if there will be a 5.3.1 (FINAL) or if the next RC/Final will be in the 5.3.2 release.

Hi @marilou. Yes, as we noted in the recent post about the Java updates, the plan is to ship the first 5.3 final build this month (5.3.1). Then 5.3.2-RC should come out at the end of February. Stay tuned!

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It’s been a little while, when is the timeline for the new RC or Beta downloads going to be available.

Or maybe even a release… I’m pretty sure one was ready before Christmas?

Hi @Josh_Knutson / @jedihomer / all. It turns out we’re going to be delayed in releasing 5.3-final. We’ve been doing some pretty important work on the organizational side of Lucee/LAS, in preparation for the annual meeting this spring, and a side effect of this has been that we have to rework the near-term release schedule just a bit. In short, we’re just pushing the release schedule back a little. We may still release 5.3-final here in February, but if not then it will definitely be March, and from there we’ll resume the regular release cycle we’ve had over the past 2+ years. Holler at me with questions! Thanks for checking in.


Could this be addressed in 5.3.2 before the RC? it has 19 votes
and is broken in the default lucee configuration which uses j2ee sessions

CSRF functions are restricted to CF Sessions

Just a quick note that I’ve escalated this (ticket 412) on the dev team for a closer look and a reply. It is possible we’ll get it into the next sprint (March).

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Is there any way the fix for LDEV-2032 (search collections broken after restart) could be included in the RC? If not, how long would you estimate before this fix gets into a production release? It’s really critical for us, and is breaking client sites. If there was a patch or workaround we could apply in the meantime. Thanks!

When i see it correctly, it should be fixed in
If that is correctly, you could try the latest snapshot ( on your dev/test-enviroment and see if the issue is fixed.
When it is fixed, i would wait till 5.3 release (should be this march).

David, my understanding was that when 5.3 is released it will be this earlier release candidate, Are you suggesting that when Lucee do the 5.3 release, it will be a later version, and include the fix? is later than this release candidate. We can wait until March OK but we can’t wait until some indeterminate time in the future.

Can you test the latest snapshot to confirm the problem has been resolved?

I guess the latest 5.3 Version will get a stable Release, so it should include the fix.
Anyway you should try the latest snapshot, to confirm that your issue is fixed.

If you cant wait for the release and the snapshot fix is working for you, you could try to run it on producation. But i would not recommand that, because it´s an unstable version.

Hi all. Justing noting the post about the 2019 release schedule here, since it addresses some of the topics raised here.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tested and it is resolved in this. We are not totally comfortable running a snapshot in production in case there might be other issues. Right now we are just working around this manually by deleting the search.xml and collections and recreating them for each site in case of a server restart, but this isn’t ideal.

Ok, so, to confirm the release schedule for your planning purposes @Ivan_McAvinchey, 5.3.2 will reach RC status at the end of March, and then a month later will become a production-ready final release.

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Thanks for that, that is really helpful for our planning to have a date. We are going to run on one server that is particularly affected and will keep an eye on it for issues and can plan for a full rollout in May when 5.3.2 is released.

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