Announcing Lucee (final)

Hello again, Lucee-lings.

(Yes, I’m still working hard to find an enduring nickname for Lucee netizens.)

Even through the dog days of summer, when heat (is it really that hot, or is it perhaps an artifact of Lucee’s scorching release schedule the past 2 years? :wink: ) and summer vacation schedules are wreaking havoc with productivity, we’ve been very busy here at Lucee headquarters, working on the latest releases for our community.

Today we’re announcing the end of Release Candidate status for (RC), and we’re posting the final release of Lucee

Since Lucee developers are ever-astute, you’ll notice the incremented build number on the final release. That’s due to a couple of regressions that we patched during the RC period (ticket 1971 and ticket 1945). Note that it looked like 1968 may also have been a regression, but, it was rejected due to failure to reproduce. Just holler if you see anything similar to the behavior in 1968. Other than that, it was a quiet RC period with regard to regressions, which is what we like to see.

Here’s the final list of tickets addressed in (final):

Head over to the download site to grab your copy before supplies run out (#ObviouslyKidding).

Next, here’s what’s upcoming with regard to Lucee releases and development team news:

  • The September sprint is underway, and will produce the first Release Candidate of Lucee 5.3 (previously in beta).
  • Keep an eye out for the release announcement in a few weeks, along with a related story entitled “What happened to Lucee” (I can explain.)
  • Teaser: Lucee 5.3 will represent a nice leap forward for the community. At last count, including the beta, a hefty 75 tickets have gotten attention in Lucee 5.3 builds (64 snapshot builds and counting, as of this writing).
  • We’ve made very good progress on a couple of critical development goals–Java 10/11 and Tomcat 9 compatibility efforts. More on this soon.
  • We have a member of Lucee dev team, who is also a Tomcat committer, attending TomcatCon next week in Montreal.

With the summer heat getting to me (not to mention the extra añejo tequila), that’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks as always for listening, and thanks again for your interest in Lucee!

Patrick Quinn (@IamSigmund)
Product Manager


I’d just reiterate @Zackster comment:

make that Java 10!
Java 9 is EOL March 2018,
Java 10 is EOL Sept 2018,
Java 11 is a LTS release


Looking forward to hearing more :slight_smile:


Also worth noting about Java versions on the end-user side;

For Docker images we’ll be sticking to Java 8 SE / OpenJDK 8 for the short term, then looking to Java 11 with the option of using OpenJDK 11 on Alpine :slight_smile:


What about calling us Lucee netizens… Cones!?
When you stop laughing, follow me…

“The human retina contains about 120 million rod cells, and 6 million cone cells.” (
Rods are responsible for vision at low light levels. They do not mediate color vision, and have a low spatial acuity.
Cones are active at higher light levels, are capable of color vision and are responsible for high spatial acuity.

Rods can only see low light, they cannot see all the Light,
you have to be a Cone to see All the Light (Lucee). :sunglasses:

any plans to release an stable update to fix the following bug which also affects this release?

Lucee 5.3 can’t able to type “/” in any text area

Ok, let the public record show that @thegnunorm is credited with the first unifying theory of a nickname for Lucee users! Should we maybe ticket this, so we can get some upvotes? :rofl:

Hey Zac. Yes, lots of activity/discussion on this one over the past couple of days, so stay tuned for an update.

Java 11 is out!

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What about the docker images? The mos recent release is always one version behind the ones announced here in the board? Is this on puprose?

Hey @phal0r. I’m cc’ing Geoff here (@modius), since the Docker images are not an official LAS offering, but rather a volunteer effort on the part of the community (provided by Geoff’s company, Daemon, who also happen to be LAS members). Geoff can clarify.

Is it possible for the time being to have the old Modern debug template still live on, locally I find the new one not respecting debug choices and causing extra bloat.

There’s no intent behind the delay. The current build process is manual and can only start once the final release is available.

We’re working on a new build matrix for docker images to provide a number of variations based on different versions of lucee, tomcat, nginx and the underlying os:

It’s pretty complex, but @justincarter and friends should have this tested, committed and released shortly. We’ve been waiting for the release of 5.3 to make the underlying repository changes – namely moving to a single repository with a whole variety of tagging.

For example, you will be able to pull a specific type of image like so:

FROM lucee/lucee:5.3-light-nginx-alpine

Once that’s complete, we will post a more thorough explanation of how the build process will be managed.

Overall good times ahead for Docker users :whale:

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any updates, it has been a few months?

Hey Zac. Are you referring to the question about Java support, or Docker files, or maybe something else? Quite a few separate discussions happening on this thread at this point. addressing characters not working in the admin

Ok, thanks. And AFAIK, this is the only ticket for the problem, correct?

Yep, the linked issue might have already fixed it, but as only the minified JavaScript is checked in, it’s hard to review and I haven’t tested it out myself

Ok, thanks for confirming. We’ll keep an eye on it, and you do the same with the ticket (and/or your testing).

just tested both / and ? with and both work

Ok, thanks. We’ll continue to keep an eye on it, but thanks for the testing.