Announcing Lucee 5.2.3 (final) and 5.2.4 (RC)

Hello world. Another monthly sprint, another pair of Lucee builds! For those keeping score, this is now our third straight month of producing a release candidate, and our second straight month of producing both a final release and a release candidate. Lucee 5.2.3 has been in release candidate status for the past month, and is now ready to be declared a final release (final version number is In addition, 5.2.4 is now available as a release candidate. Thanks as always for any and all testing of 5.2.4-RC during September!

Regarding the 5.2.3 final release, during the month of testing for 5.2.3-RC, we once again addressed 3 more tickets before making 5.2.3 final. As always, you can check out the change logs for 5.2.3-RC at to see what got added to 5.2.3 during the RC period, along with everything that was done as part of the 5.2.3 release.

As for the August sprint, we covered a lot of ground, working through tickets in a wide variety of areas, including some final tweaks to the big development focus on ORM in July, along with some improved XML processing, and lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes. I like to see this kind of diversity of tickets being raised (and completed), because I think it reflects the increasing diversity/complexity of systems being built on Lucee.

Some other details about the August sprint:

If there’s a ticket that’s important to you, please check on it in Jira, as we had a few this past month that needed more information (typically, more/better test cases and/or replication details), and have thus been dropped from the monthly sprints.

There’s still room in the September sprint. Please continue to comment on tickets, or vote on tickets, or otherwise communicate with us about your Lucee monthly sprint priorities.

As always, holler with any and all questions/comment. Thanks for listening!


Hi @IamSigmund,

thanks for the update. Any chance, that will fit in this sprint?

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Hi Martin. I’ll take a look. Thanks for the heads-up. Keep an eye on ticket activity for an update.

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This changelog look like it may have resolved an issue I was having. I will download and give it a try. Thanks!!!

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The incompatibility reported in LDEV-1003 would make migrating to Lucee much smoother if addressed.

Thx Matthew. We’ll take a look. Keep an eye on the ticket for updates.