Announcing Lucee 5.2.2 (final) and 5.2.3 (RC)

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. Hopefully this post will make it a tiny bit happier! We just wrapped up another very busy sprint in July, and this is the first sprint under our new dual-release process. Lucee 5.2.2 has been in the wild for a month as a release candidate, and is now ready to be declared a final release (final version number is Alongside this, 5.2.3 is ready for release candidate status. As mentioned last month, we’re now providing a one-month release candidate period, during which we’re both expanding our own internal testing, but also working with Lucee users to expand testing in the community as well. Thanks in advance for any and all testing of 5.2.3-RC during August!

For more info on the 5.2.2 release, check out its release candidate post. During the month of testing for 5.2.2-RC, we addressed 3 more tickets before making 5.2.2 final. Check out the change logs for and on to see what got added to 5.2.2 during the RC period.

As for the July sprint, I can almost hear the cheers from the ORM/Hibernate folks in the community. At long last, in July we put forth a big effort to address ORM-related bugs. Altogether, we tackled approximately a half-dozen ORM-related problems. Thanks to LAS member Ortus Solutions for their help in getting on top of the ORM-related problems in Lucee. We did push one or two ORM tickets into the August sprint, and we expect to make some more tweaks during the 5.2.3 RC period in August, so that 5.2.3 (final) has solid ORM support.

Some other details about the July sprint and Lucee 5.2.3-RC:

As with the July sprint, we’re intentionally leaving lots of room in the August sprint, as that worked very well in July, allowing us to be nimble about development priorities, like shifting a lot of development time to ORM, even beyond what was planned at the beginning of the sprint. Please continue to comment on tickets, or vote on tickets, or otherwise communicate with us about your Lucee monthly sprint priorities.

Finally, we made some additional tweaks to the site. All Lucee downloads are now here, and no longer on the main site. This allows us to add more automation to the process of publishing our various Lucee builds. The Changelogs at are also now a really quick way to see what’s changed with a given Lucee release.

As always, holler with any and all questions/comment. Thanks for listening!


Great work team. It’s full speed ahead now with ContentBox CMS on Lucee 5 with the resolution of these ORM issues!

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Excellent work!

You guys corrected some issues that were affecting me directly and many issues that were not as well.

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Looks great guys. Not seeing the cachedAfter fixes that were slated for a month or two ago, do you know if those are underway?

Hi David. Just replied to your comment on ticket 1304.

ORM, yeah!

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