Ancient version of Apache Axis in Lucee - incompatible WSDL

Hi everyone,

we’re providing a few SOAP web services to our customers and one of them is complaining because the auto-generated WSDL is not accepted by their SAP installation. The issue seems to be that the generated WSDL is not compliant with WS-I.
With Lucee, the WSDL is generated by Apache Axis when requesting a URL like https://<mywebsite>/myService.cfc?wsdl.

It was a little embarassing for me to admit that we’re still using Axis 1.4 which is from 2006 (!), since that’s what’s packaged with Lucee to this day.
I tried a few converters to produce a more modern WSDL for our client, but to no avail. I had to tell them that they’ll probably have to hand-knit the XML in their consumer application.

I expect this will become more and more of an issue as time goes on.
Are there plans for an Axis update in future versions of Lucee?
Has anyone had similar problems and found a way around them?



we also have problems with the SOAP web services.
We had problems when we faced high load, then the Axis 1.4 library caused concurrent-modification errors. I was able to fix the problem, but a newer version of Axis would be nice.
ACF seems to support both versions, but a wsdl2 integration looks like a lot of work.
For this reason, we have switched most of our critical requests to REST.
I also think we won’t switch back because SOAP has more overhead due to the XML (larger and requires parsing).
I’m also not sure how many people are still using SOAP. It feels like everyone is using REST anyway.