An Illegal Reflective access operation occured

We are in the process of creating additional instances to put them in a load balanced environment.
We cloned a server that has been running without issue. This morning, we noticed that the lucee service had crashed. I have attached an image of the error listed.

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OS: ??? Windows Server 2022 16gig of memory, 2gig allocated to heap
Java Version: ??? Using commandbox edition.
Tomcat Version: ??? Using commandbox edition.
Lucee Version: ??? 5.3.9+160

This doesn’t look like a crash, but a warning.
Try looking in the server logs or writing:

server log | grep ERROR

for views only error lines, on CommandBox console.

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Thank you for the input. Investigating… but whatever happened it caused the JAVA to stop and the lucee service to stop responding.

it says "[INFO] starting backgound - "

The lucee service stopped. Not sure what staring in background meant, but the service itself stopped.