Amazon S3 Api uploading slow on large buckets?


I got a big amazon S3 bucket around 8 GB and now things started to get slow. Uploading files (with IAM user, so the API) takes forever. Now I recreated a new bucket with the same properties and settings and API uploading to this bucket is way faster. Is there a connection between a large bucket and slow API uploading? Do I have to make new buckets all the time?


<cftimer type="outline" label= "imageGet">

<cfset variables.newImageName2= "MYBUCKET/test.jpg">
<cfset cfImage = imageNew("")>

<cftimer type="outline" label= "imageWrite">
<cfset variables.s3AccessKeyId = "MYACCESSKEY">
<cfset variables.s3AwsSecretKey = "MYSECRETKEY">
<cfset variables.s3Access= "s3://#s3AccessKeyId#:#s3AwsSecretKey#@">
<cfset variables.destination="#variables.s3Access##variables.newImageName2#">

<cfset ImageWrite(cfImage, variables.destination)>


Large bucket time:

imageGet: 1260ms
imageWrite: 67683ms

New create bucket time:

imageGet: 1275ms
imageWrite: 822ms

Does anyone have had the same experience?


Dick Goosen

which versions of lucee and s3 extension are you using?

how many items in the large bucket?


Around 130.000 items. I update the plugin and yes now it works. With the S3 plugin is there a need for something like flushing caches or emptying some sort of thing?


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