Amazon AWS S3 Request Error: null


We recently changed to a different server (LINUX to Windows) and now we can not access our s3 bucket anymore, code:

<cfset s3AccessKeyId = "OURACCESKEY">
<cfset s3AwsSecretKey = "OURSECRETKEY">

<cfset s3Access= "s3://#s3AccessKeyId#:#s3AwsSecretKey#@/spanishestate-test/">

<cfdump var="#DirectoryExists(s3Access)#">

Same code gives an error on Windows:

org.lucee.extension.resource.s3.S3Exception >> Request Error: null


and totally works on Linux gives the S3 listing.


By the way s3://#s3AccessKeyId#:#s3AwsSecretKey#@ gives true on both servers but gives an empty listing on the windows one while it gives the listings on the linux one.

I checked the AWS extention in the Lucee admin and everything looks the same. I can’t figure out why there is an error.


The working dump shows your key and secret

Yes sorry, but doesn’t matter, will create a new one. For the moment is fine, hope someone can help.

Is it possible you have a firewall on AWS that only allows access from the linux box?

So figured it out with help from: seems the bug is for IIS only, don’t use a trailing slash at the end of a folder name in the S3 url and restart the Lucee server. Does Lucee adapt the same code and therefore the same bugs as Adobe?

Yes, you need to put a policy on the bucket with an IAM user. You can control everything with those two settings. All S3 functions are limited to a few IP addresses in our company, dev, staging, production