Alternate config loaders

So, just throwing this out there. What do you think about being able to specify an alternate config reader, so that your server/web config could be loaded from, say, a JSON file, or even a central database instead of the lucee-web.xml.cfm file? I know there are a lot of ramifications as far as being able to write to those backends, but still - I think it would be awesome to have some options here.

I saw this thread back when it came in but hadn’t replied yet. I actually kind of love this idea. I’ve been wanting to access up the Lucee configs for some time since it’s a hard part of deploying a server like Vagrant where I need to set all kinds of configuration via a CLI prior to even starting the server. What I don’t care for is having a hard-coded sample config file I drop in right now because it’s all technically undocumented and could change between releases. I also talked about having CLI-based tools for setting Lucee config as well that would abstract you from the actual format of the file in this thread: