All,I am using Adobe ColdFusion extensively for last 6 years.Planning to use Railo or Lucee for personal use for learning purpose ! Your help and suggestion is appreciated,how I will be able to get started !

Railo is no more, so Lucee is the way 2 go.

On Windows it’s pretty straight 4ward: download the installer, click-click-go-to-the-admin.

Will I be able to install Lucee in Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu 16.4 ?

Yes, very simple on Ubuntu 16.4.

I have never done installation under windows, but I think it is not a problem.

The Windows installer is super simple, if you need pointers, feel free to ask them here in this thread :wink:

I have installed Lucee in Linux Ubuntu 16.4
Let me see how it goes after wards and how different it is from Adobe ColdFusion !

Task Description: Lucee Installation in Linux Ubuntu 16.4 and File Creation and Updation Issue Description: Permission issue during file update

  1. When I am trying to edit the Application.cfc file from the below path-
    /opt/lucee/tomcat/webapps/ROOT,I am getting the below error

Error trying to write to “/opt/lucee/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/Application.cfc”

2)When I am creating a cfm file through Linux terminal (Ubuntu 16.4),the file is getting created but I am getting the same permission issue when I am going to edit the file.

Your suggestion on this appreciated !

Looks good with the root user.It is working fine :wink:

It is interesting exploring Lucee :slight_smile:
I will let you know my inputs :slight_smile:

It will be an amazing news if any event is going to happen on Lucee world wide :slight_smile: