Administrator.cfc and cannot update the field connection timeout for a datasource with updateDatasource method


I’m trying to create a datasource with cfml code by using the administrator.cfc component.


I am using the updateDatasource method. I am able to create the datasource and set most of the settings, but I’m not able to set the correct value for the field Connection timeout. The HTML input name is LiveTimeout and I’m passing the value for LiveTimeout in the updateDatasource method.

I searched the source code of Lucee and found the method. There is nothing about LiveTimeout, so I suppose it’s normal that I can’t update this setting with the component?

Should I report it as a bug or a feature request?

Thank you

Additional bug for another setting
When I use updateDatasource to create a new datasource, I pass -1 for connectionLimit, but when I go in the server admin, the value is at 100. I need to call updateDatasource again to set the connectionLimit to -1. It’s like that the datasource must exists first to set the value. Same situation if you create a new datasource via the web interface. If you set -1 (Inf) for connectionLimit when you create the datasource the first time, the value will be 100 when you will edit the datasource. You need to change it once the datasource exists.

Lucee Version: Lucee

@TonyMonast For the additional bug about connectionLimit was already has a ticket [LDEV-1445] connectionLimit is not set to default (-1) via AdminAPI <CFADMIN> - Lucee and fixed in lucee 6.0.


Good to hear and thank you for the info!

For LiveTimeout, I suppose you can’t set it on Lucee 6.0 as well, because when I look at the source code, there is no argument for that in the method updateDatasource : Lucee/Administrator.cfc at 382c0235cb6b604abc0a865405b8545f3af6482d · lucee/Lucee · GitHub

@TonyMonast yes, there are no options to set liveTimeout (which is Connection timeout in admin datasource UI) using AdminAPI. There is an argument named ConnectionTimeout was available but that for Connection timeout which have marked as Connection idle timeout in the admin datasource create page. So can please file a bug for the issue in Jira?

Ticket created : Lucee Development - Issues - Lucee