Admin scheduled Task table position

Hi there,

Is there any way of maintaining (via assigning a class I assume) - the “last” selected Scheduled Task in the table?

I recently had cause to update an option in all scheduled tasks, and we have quite a lot.
After saving a change, you’re returned to the Scheduled Task table - and it looks a new fresh load of the page.

What I am after is;
In my list of 20+ scheduled tasks - can we highlight the table row, of the last task I was looking at?



nice idea, wanna add it in? file a ticket in jira

checkout the lucee code base (6.0 branch, all work is on 6.0 bar bug fixes now)

add a mapping pointing to the source (perhaps admin6 not admin5 :slight_smile: ) Coz the admin is deployed as a compressed archive, so you can’t hack it directly in a normal install) (note the admin5)

is found at


just stash the task name in a session var in the save /edit section and add the class, then fire off a PR


Nice tip @Zackster. Also thx @Gavin_Baumanis for the good idea!