Admin Datasource

Hi Everyone,
I have some questions, please about defining MySQL dataSources in the Lucee Admin.

I am using the MySQL driver 8.0.30

I have the following in the Lucee Administrator

But the code that is shown at the bottom, under “You can also set this in the Application.cfc as follows:”

, connectionTimeout:10 // default: 1; unit: minutes
, liveTimeout:30 // default: -1; unit: minutes

Are these back the front?

Also in the Application.cfc code shown at the bottom is;
alwaysSetTimeout:true, // default: false

I don’t see an option to set this.
And since I don’t seem to be able to set it,
Why is it set to true - if the default is false?
And what does the setting do?
(I don’t see it as an option in the MySQL JDBC documentation.)


Lucee Version: 5.10.79-RC

The AlwaysSetTimeout key comes from mysql driver

Thanks - I didn’t see it as option when I was looking in the actual mySQL JDBC documentation.

Any chance you have the answers for the rest of my questions, please?

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